Parents (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions

No. Oonies Pellets can only be used once. Discard deflated Oonies.

Yes. Oonies are made of a non-reactive, inert material. Oonies are latex-free.

Oonies will deflate over time. Inflated Oonies will generally last for up to 5 days when handled with care. As Oonies deflate your character creations may begin to come apart, however Oonie Deco Bits, Oonie Connectors, and Display Connectors can all be reused to make new creations over and over again.


  • Ensure that the Oonies Chamber’s tabs are correctly lined up and inserted into the slots on top of Inflator, and then turn clockwise until it “clicks”.

Follow the instructions step by step, ensure the Oonies Gauge and the Locking Lever are pushed all the way down.

  • IF not inflated, release the Oonies Gauge by pulling it up slightly. Ensure Locking Lever is already pushed down at this point.
  • IF still not inflated, the Oonies Pellet may be broken. Try again with a new pellet.
  • IF still not inflated, the needle may be damaged. See #5 below.
  • Ensure the Locking Lever is lifted back up, then turn the Oonies Chamber counter-clockwise before lifting it up.
  • Read the instructions carefully and follow each step in the correct order.
  • Do not over-inflate Oonies.
  • When loading an Oonies Pellet, be certain it is properly resting in place before closing the Oonies Chamber. Be careful that the Oonies Chamber is not pinching the stem of the pellet when closing the Chamber.
  • After the Locking Lever has been locked into place, lift up the Oonies Gauge to ensure it’s not pinching the Oonie and preventing smooth inflation.
  • If you suspect a faulty needle, prevent child’s interaction and follow below steps to check.
  • Place Oonies Chamber on top of the Inflator and turn to lock, then press down Locking Lever (refer to “How To Inflate Your Oonies” Step 5, 6 & 7). NOTE: Do not load an Oonies Pellet inside the Chamber. - Lift up the Oonies Gauge to reveal the needle, for visual inspection.
  • If you cannot see the needle, if the needle appears bent, or if the needle appears jagged then the needle is broken. Do not attempt further use and dispose of the Inflator.
  • The below diagram shows what a broken needle might look like compared to a good one.


  • The contact surfaces may be dirty or dusty. Wash Oonies and the Oonie Deco Bits with water and gently wipe it with your fingers to remove any dust and dirt, then allow it to air dry.
  • Note: Paper towels and cloths with loose fibers may leave excess material on the Oonie and further reduce stickiness.
  • If Oonies constantly inflates with a buldge (excess material) on top, simply raise the Oonies Gauge up before inflation. NOTE: Peform this extra step in between steps 7 & 8 shown in “How to inflate your Oonies”. This helps to reduce pressure on top during inflation.