Oonies Games, Challenges & Activities

Game play works best when oonies are newly inflated. If Oonies become less sticky, refer to troubleshooting

Bull's Eye

  1. Stick a single Oonie onto the window or glass door. This is your Bulls-eye!
  2. Each player inflates a number of Oonies that are a different color to the Bulls-eye.
  3. First player to throw an Oonie that sticks to the Bulls-eye wins

NOTE: If an Oonie rolls from top and sticks to the Bulls-eye, it’s a win!


Each player has 15 Oonies. Compete to stack and create the tallest free standing structure.

Note: Structure must stand upright for 30 seconds.

Wall Crawler

A wall crawler is a character made from Oonies that can slowly crawl down the wall!


  1. Each player creates their own unique wall crawler.
    NOTE: Wall crawler must have less than 3 Oonies and more than 6 Oonie Deco Bits attached.
  2. Throw your character onto a window/glass door. The player with the slowest wall crawler to reach the bottom wins.

Sun Catcher

Decorate your window by creating Oonies mosaic art.